Raimbek District of Almaty region is a special place. It is named after the famous Kazakh batyr Raimbek who fought against the dzhungars (tribes who attempted to conquer Kazakhs’ lands).


Raimbek Batyr (1705 - 1785) was a great Kazakh batyr of the XVIII century. He descended from the Alban clan of the Senior zhuz. He was a legendary epic fighter for liberation of the Kazakh people and played a big role in the final expulsion of the Oirat tribes from the south-eastern borders of Kazakhstan. The red stele in Narynkol, which was built by him, became the undisputed landmark in determining the Kazakh-Chinese border two centuries later.


In the XVIII century, most of the Kazakh lands were under the Dzhungars’ rule. The Dzhungar Khanate was a very serious threat as its huge army possessed firearms, moreover, Swedish officers and soldiers hardened in the wars against the Qing Empire served there. Dzhungaria became a powerful country in Eurasia.


Dzhungaria was simultaneously at war with China, the Kazakh Khanate and the Central Asian rulers; it also threatened the southern borders of Russia, and made raids on the fortresses in Siberia and Altai.


In such circumstances, Raimbek had to show courage and selflessness to protect his people. Over time, his name has become a symbol of the whole clan and has acquired a sacred aura.


Thanks to the heroic military merits of Raimbek batyr, this territory to modern Kazakhstan for nearly 300 years.


Descendants of the hero have the opportunity to engage in peaceful and constructive work - mining mineral resources, developing the economy and industry of the country, raising living standard of the people of Kazakhstan.


The construction of the power plant will provide employment for more than 1,000 men; the people will be provided with heating and electricity.


We bow down to our ancestor Raimbek batyr.